Wednesday… Middle of the Week

Today is finally Wednesday. Due to the fact that Rob was over on Tuesday morning instead of our usual Thursday date, I kept getting confused on what day it was. But alas, all is well now. Tomorrow, I get to go to a daytime meeting (11 am!!) and only stay until 6:45. Huzzah! On the downside, I do have to park in the overflow parking a block away from the building. I\’d jog in, but then I would have to huff and puff and blow the building down. Or something like that. Anyway, the meeting is a tiny bit serious, and whole lot of party (our division head is leaving, so they\’re having a meeting/party to see him off. No, I don\’t really know him. Yes, I am going because I get paid for it. Who doesn\’t want to get paid for partying? Plus, there is the business side of it, which is important to me). We also had a meeting here tonight. Looks like I\’ll still be here at AA until the middle of May for sure, then possibly until June, when the new programs are released. It really depends on the weather – lots of rain, less grasshoppers and less drought. No rain = more grasshoppers, worse drought, but more work. So there you have it. Not that I\’m overly worried. I\’m hoping that if my work ends here I will be able to get a job with King Marketing, which is a vendor company. This means that I will drive around to different Home Depot/Rona\’s and take care of some of their products/displays, etc. Not a hard job at all, plus it\’s pretty good pay. The best part is that I can set my own hours, and use flex time. Yay me.

As far as other things go… I upped my running times… It\’s now a run for 4 minutes, brisk walk for 2 minutes for a total of about 30 minutes. My run on Tuesday was hard, but I did it. I\’m going to do it again tomorrow… Just trying to coordinate with Rob on when we want to do it! Probably after worship practice. It\’s good to see some improvement in myself though. On Saturday, we are going to run about 6k. I know that I can do it, I just want to see how long it takes. Rob and I are planning on entering a few races this summer (2, one in June, one in July). The first one is only 5k, so if I train for 6 and can do it reasonably well, then I\’ll be laughing for that race. The second one is 8k and seems a little more daunting for me. I\’m sure that I will be fine, though. It\’s just going to take some hard training. I\’m running to complete, too, not running to place. The first one is a fundraiser, it\’s for the Alberta Lung Association, called the Breath of Hope Run. Carolyn, if you\’re interested, you are welcome to come and run too! Maybe you can convince Mark that he needs to take up jogging 😉

Rob is home. I\’m very happy about that. Things are going really well. He totally spoiled me with presents too! My two favorite is the Lincon Park Zoo t shirt and my Blank panther Stuffie. He\’s really cute.

Other than that, not a lot going on in my life. I\’ve been talking to a girl on Gaia for about a week now about relationships and stuff. She\’s kind of looking for a mentor, and I\’ve had enough experience (I think!) to maybe give her some pointers.

Oh oh! I\’m reading this book right now called \”Every Woman\’s Battle for Sexual and Emotional Integrity\” (if you\’re going to search for it, try just looking up Every Woman\’s Battle). It\’s really good. It\’s applicable for single and married women alike. I\’m only on chapter two, but so far it\’s been very insightful. It talks a lot about how sexuality isn\’t just about the act or the physical side (which society generally focuses on) but also contains an emotional, mental, and spiritual side of it too. It talks a lot about how to protect yourself from having an emotional affair and the like… and about how physical affairs often start from affairs of the heart. I\’m quite enjoying it. Rob and I are doing devotionals out of it and \”Every Man\’s Battle\” together. We both read a chapter of our respective books outloud and then discuss it. I think that it helps to know what the other gender is reading, so you can help each other. I find that some days when I\’m dressing, I\’ll reject certain outfits because I know it won\’t help Rob (or any other guy for that matter!) with his battle over looking at me certain ways, etc. It\’s been pretty interesting. I\’m finding it basic but still good. \”Whatever isn\’t information is affirmation\”.

Also just finished \”Guilty Pleasures\”, and Anita Blake Vampire Slayer book. It was ok. I\’m not sure that I would rush out and buy another one. The only other book that I have enjoyed in the series is \”Obsidian Butterfly\”, but I don\’t really remember how I felt about the content of the book in order to recommend it. I know that GP\’s didn\’t have much in the way of blatant sex in it, and I don\’t remember if OB did. Oh well. Anita can be funny and often has descent one-liners… but sometimes I found the plot… not predictable, but I often wanted to scream at the book \”don\’t do that, you know it\’s a trap!\” *sigh* Oh well. I don\’t know what my next book is going to be, but I am going to have to wait until next week to get it any way. Right now I should worry about putting gas in my car. Mer. (who said that paying your taxes all at once up front was a good idea? Bah. Oh well at least it\’s done).

I want to get a bank loan so I can pay off my random loan to citifinancial so I can reduce my interest rate and get the lein off my car… but my brother isn\’t able to co-sign for me… and they won\’t give it to me on my own. Not a huge deal, except that I\’m paying exorbiant amount of interest (oh, try 35%) when I could be paying something more reasonable (like 8%!) with lower monthly payments. Grr. I was so dumb when I took that out. Stupid Kung Fu. Plus, I want to sell my car and move it from my Uncles (he wants to landscape where it\’s parked. Who knew?).

Well, I think that\’s about all of the news from me.