As per your request

aw. crap. Huge entry posted… and I hit a funny button and now it\’s all gone. Bah.

Ok, quick breakdown, as I have to get ready for work:

– Been sick all week
+Rob\’s coming home tomorrow
– Missed a couple of days of work
+ Made up a few hours
+ Randomly started to talk to some girl on gaia, started with me calling her names, ended with a new friend. Interesting
– I have heartburn like no one\’s business
+ Had gas so bad Wed. night that I scared the cat. It was SO funny
+ The chef guy at work likes me. Which doesn\’t really do me a whole lot of good as I\’m never there during the day (sigh)
+ UPS keeps trying to deliver my emily strange package
– They keep doing it when I\’m not home
+ Rob comes back tomorrow!
– I have chocolate milk in my fridge that I want to drink, but Carolyn won\’t let me have milk or wheat. Bah.
+ Got through my late applications and option changes at work
– Have to do helpdesk stuff tonight
+ Tomorrow\’s saturday… and that = Rob!

So, did I mention that I\’m happy about Rob coming back home tomorrow??? Did I? Oh, well, I am (in case you were wondering).

Off to work.