Not going to be long.

My day was pretty eventful, but still pleasant. I had a lot of running around to do this morning, but I got it all done… much to my bank account\’s dismay. How hum, the cost of living.

Work was dismal today. I had a really hard time getting and staying focused. It didn\’t help that Luke felt the same way. Although we switched music for a little while, and that helped.

I miss rob. I know, I sound stupid and gushy, but I really do. You never really realize how much you appreciate someone, and interact with them, until they aren\’t there. I guess it\’s really only a little over a week until he gets back. This weekend will be a bit hard, though.

Other than that, I\’m off to the shower then to bed. At least is stopped snowing, and we\’re supposed to get into some descent weather soon. I\’m getting stir crazy and want to go running… without ruining my shoes. They\’re still new.