Ok, so presently, I am making pancakes. Yes, I am aware that it is 12:15. Yes, I am also aware that I have to be up in less than 7 hours. I can kind of sleep tomorrow night. I am not concerned.

So long since I\’ve updated! Bad journaller, Bad! Now that I feel reprimanded, I will continue on with my blog.

My weekend was fairly whirlwindish. It was a lot of fun, but kind of tiring. It went like this:


Rob came and picked me up Friday morning. To be truthful, I don\’t remember if we hung out here, or left right away. We did, however go to the running room, where we aquired new runners for me. Hooray for overpronating! I got asics gel – foundation plus… whatever that means. They\’re a red dot on the box too, if that means anything to any one. After that, we stopped at Lush so I could pick up a few last staples (moisturizer, lip balm, toner), and so Rob could have the lush experience. He did manage to try some cream on his hands… and wouldn\’t you know it, it was the least pleasant smelling item in the shop… ha ha ha. After that, it was off to Rob\’s house, where we were pleasantly surprised with being early for dinner. So we went for a run. My first of the season. Oy Vey. We didn\’t go for very long, maybe only 20 minutes, and I was sore!!! In such a bad way! I gasped and choked the entire time. After that, it was a quick shower each, then Trish and Shawn (his sister and brother in law) showed up and we had dinner. Which was very good. And the dessert was to die for. I even get the secret recipe, which must show how fond Rob\’s mom is of me — no one gets the secret recipe! Anyway, during dinner, Trish and Shawn took much pleasure in pointing out how we ate our food in the same order… *sigh* yes, we know we are very much alike. Yes, we are glad that you are noticing it too.

After dinner, some of Rob\’s cousins came over, Erin and Mike, and Trevor and Deanna and baby Brooklyn. They all played Rook, which Rob and Tricia played operation (remember that game???) and I played with Brooklyn.

Other than that, Rob and I watched Amelie (while I was hit on by the video store guy, who thought it was super cool that I wanted to rent Soul Calibur 2), and then I went home. It was a really good day that I enjoyed.


Saturday was the \”great amazing MCC campus triple date\”. Shannon and Shawn, and Dan and Laura joined us at Rob\’s place for a fun filled afternoon. We played croquet (which I fully suck at), and were just silly in general. Laura hit Dan in the nose with her croquet thingie, and made him bleed… Shannon and I had some good catch up time… After we were done at the park, we went for a early dinner at east side mario\’s for food, fun, and bonding. It was good, although by this time, I was socialled out. That evening, I had to stop talking smack to Rob and prove my mad video game skills. Well, I lost as much as I won. *sigh* Makes me want a ps2 so I can practice. Oh well. I don\’t think that on my death bed I will say \”I wish I played more video games\”.


Sunday we went to church and then to Tony Roma\’s for a quick (and cheap!) lunch. Then it was off to \”Love According to John\” which was incredibly hokey. We only stayed for the first half, as we needed to pick up some stuff before dinner at my mom\’s and didn\’t want the stores to close before we got there. My family would be awefully disappointed without dessert. In fact, I think it would border on becoming a riot. Anyway, the play wasn\’t horrible… There was a kid behind us who said the funniest things at the least inoportune times. Quite amusing, anyway. I did, however, find their plethora of dancers (in every scene!) a bit distracting, and there were a few things that were illogical (for example: the woman who was caught in adultory… in the play, she was dressed like a harlot, or the dancers in previous scenes. If she was caught in adultry, she would have had to have been married, which indicates to me, that she should have been dressed as a normal hebrew woman, not as a prostitute. Something to think about any way). Also, it\’s really hard to get into these plays and be truly moved by them on this side of \”the Passion of the Christ\”. So, after the play, we went to Mom\’s for dinner, where I was harrassed, and we generally had a good time with my family. After dinner was done, and most people started to head home, we went for a run, and I took Rob on a whirlwind tour of my life in Mill Woods. I hoped that he enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed showing him around. This run went much better for me, as I did my full 7 times of running for 2 minutes and walking for 2 minutes, plus a cool down time. I didn\’t choke and gasp nearly as much as last time, maybe I was distracted by showing him around. I don\’t know. After that, we joined Mom, Mark, and Sean in the hot tub for a soak. It was really nice and relaxing, as my muscles started to HURT when I stopped running. Enjoyable nonetheless. Rob then took me home, where Kevin and his g/f happened to walk in front of my building. *sigh* Why in front of my building? You live a street over! Why can\’t you walk down that street? Or on the other side of the street? Why in front of where I am going so I have to see you? Sorry. Needless to say, I was a little upset, but felt better pretty quickly. It was just a hot flash of anger and a little hurt, but it\’s over now…. and it only lasted about 5 minutes.


Nothing super special happened on Monday… mmm… trying to remember… Oh, we had a nap. Then bought boots for Rob (steel toed for working at the plant in Indiana for this week and the next), and got my film developed, and cute $9 shoes for me at walmart. Yes, this weekend has been entirely about shoes. Oh, and Rob also brought me a rose that morning, which is opening up just beautifully. I haven\’t had any one bring me flowers since… well… forever. Anyway, after that, I did some easter egg hunting on Gaia (only found 3 eggs, so not enough for a basket 😦 ) and then it was off to bed. I stayed at Rob\’s place (he slept down stairs!) because we had to be up at 4:30 this morning to take him to the airport


As I said, we were up at 4:30 this morning, eating dessert and drinking juice before we ran away to the airport. Fun stuff. There were rabbits on the neighbour\’s lawn chasing around and \”stuff\”. Couldn\’t tell if they were fighting or doing the opposite. I didn\’t stare too hard. The drive was uneventful and went quickly. We parked and then it was a bit of a sad good bye at the airport, then he was gone. I\’m kind of sad, but I know that I have a lot to do and keep me busy this week, and next. Plus, it makes it more fun to plan surprises for when he gets home! I\’m really looking forward to picking him up at the airport.

Other than that, it was a normal day – work, and then home. Tomorrow is back to the old routine, Booster Juice, then AA. Hopefully, I will have enough energy to go for a run in between… but if I\’m going to be able to do that, I should peter off to bed… Plus this is going to be a huge post. So good night to all…

Robbie, I am glad that you landed and everything ok. I will talk to you soon… enjoy your first day at work tomorrow!